Cherry Pie summer babe (winter version)

summer babe (winter version)




(but i refuse to put it behind a cut)


like besides seeming like nice young men

like they must definitely be uncomfortable with some of their fans, and it must be terrifying to have so much energy thrown out at you just because you exist famously

but like there is so much about how the boys are constantly trying to respond to their fans’ connections, like they seem kind of bewildered that so many girls love them, but they also go beyond most teen celebrities i’ve loved in their desperate attempts to acknowledge and respond to teenage girls’ feelings

nobody is supposed to acknowledge teenage girls’ feelings, y’all

i mean it’s actually common for human adults to write off sustained symptoms of mental illness as “the adolescence experience”

nobody is supposed to give a fuck

especially not the celebrity dreamboats who are the objects of some teenage girls’ affections

and like y’all KNOW how done i am with teenage girls being shat on for allowing themselves to experience great, powerful emotions, teenage girls are constantly being swallowed by their own responses to the strangeness of existence, i only wish i could feel as strongly about anything as strongly as i felt about the things i loved as a teen girl (or the things i hated, god even the things i was ambivalent about—if there is such a thing as intense ambivalence, i have known it and known it well)

and we’re supposed to think it’s hilarious when teenage girls lose their shit over the way harry styles wiggles his hips or when justin bieber says swaggy and winks or i don’t know the million things teen dreamboats have been doing to make girls lose their shit since the beginning of time

we’re supposed to think it’s hilarious because we’re supposed to believe teenage girls have absolutely no power or agency, they’re frivolous and ridiculous, liable to be ridiculed

we’re supposed to think it’s hilarious because duhhh true, genuine joy is for losers

we’re supposed to think it’s hilarious because otherwise we’d need to admit that teenage girls are sexual beings, and we’d have to stop shaming them for responding to their sexuality in the few ways they’re allowed to

i’m sorry that we as a society can’t deal with the power of raw emotion, it honestly makes me so sad because i think shame about my once intense reactions to things is at least partially responsible for my depression (not sadness, depression, in which if i feel anything at all it’s a brief and tiny breeze when once i was used to frequently experiencing huge, long-lasting gusts, both positive and negative)

like okay, i tell this story all the time, but once during the peak of my obsession with lord of the rings, i met elijah wood, and was completely speechless and nearly cried, and he totally dismissed me and as i walked away i could hear him say “oKAY” as if i were a total weirdo

(and i was)
(but i was also meeting the face of one of the most important pieces of media in my entire LIFE) (give a girl a BREAK and more than thirty seconds to get herself together) 

and it’s so important to me that when a teenage girl finds herself speechless with total awe because she’s face to face with something, or someone, she has learned to love with her entire heart

the boys of one direction smile at her and ask her if she’s okay and sometimes get around their security to give her a hug

don’t even care if it’s all an act, don’t even care if they’re secretly huge dickbags, but those moments of caring or seeming to care are just so goddamn huge for me

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